Housesteads is an area in Northumberland which is home to the Housesteads Roman Fort. An area of wild, stunning vistas, Housesteads can be seen along the Hadrian's Wall trail, with the famous Roman Wall snaking over the hills. Housestead Fort lies on an escarpment of the wall and is a vital tourist attraction, boasting the archaeological site of the fort's remains and a comprehensive Roman Museum which acts as an excellent, educational family day out. The site of the Roman Fort itself sits on the eastern end of a mile long crag made of Whinstone, it's sometimes referred to as "The Village on the Slope" or by its Roman name of Vercovicium. A very popular area for walkers and sightseers, purely for the sheer spectacle of the sites, the Roman Museum is one thing, but gorgeous, sweeping landscapes, the light illuminating the lush green hills, meeting the (sometimes!) blue sky is just stunning every time. It's a sight many people have enjoyed and it's one of the most populat areas on the Hadrian's Wall trail.

Housesteads Roman Fort
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The museum, even if you are walking, is not to be missed, though. An in depth, enlightening look at life in a Roman fort in Roman Britain, Housesteads is sure to please anybody with even the slightest interest in history and the Wall of Hadrian.

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